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anti-b/j shippers, anti-ben/michael, anti-brian/justin, anti-dr. david, b/m, b/m moments, b/m slash, babylon, best friends, brian and michael, brian and mikey, brian kinney, captain astro, comic book store, drugs, fan fiction, friendship, gale harold, hal sparks, love, michael and brian, michael novotny, new jersey turnpike, patrick swayze, qaf, queer as folk, sex, slash, tricks, unconditional love, unrequited love
This is a community for the Queer As Folk fans who love Brian and Michael's friendship and who want more than just their "friendship."

Remember, because this is an open community, spoilers must be put behind lj-cut for those who aren't up to date. You don't have to worry about spoiler space once the new episode has been shown. For ex., if you want to discuss episode 402 and the US/Canada are about to watch episode 405 - you do not have to post a spoiler warning.

If you have fabulous B/M pictures, fanfic, or anything about Brian and Michael, feel free to post it.

And if you are curious as to the meaning of the community name, it's a song from the show. As of 12-30-03, this community is maintained by mickfish, "queen of the b/m shipper world." - thanks for that title mugglerock

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